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"One of Australia's best storytellers."

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Storytelling Workshop - Singapore International Storytelling Congress


Stories and Music are the Heartbeat of the Community


Sharing stories and celebrating our lives and cultures, is an essential part of wellbeing for both individuals and communities. In traditional societies, the storyteller is the one who weaves the threads of community together, through words, song and music. We all have stories to tell. As a contemporary storyteller, my role is to help facilitate spaces and places where stories can be created and shared. I enjoy designing special projects which strengthen community identity and create a sense of joy, hope and harmony within the community. Storytelling is an ancient, accessible, powerful tool for individuals and communities to make connections, to learn new skills, to discover new knowledge and to explore possible solutions to community issues.


Education Dreaming Book Project Creative Team - Batemans Bay NSW




  • Consultations: Storytelling and Public Speaking Skills, Creative Programming, Creative Project Mapping and Design
    Help yourself be the best you can be, and see creative ideas become your reality with professional guidance from Anna Jarrett
    Develop your confidence, fine tune your writing and presentation skills, and develop your creative ideas in a safe, supported space
    Individual, community and corporate consultations available in person and by skype

Storytelling Workshop for Children's Librarians - Manakau Library Auckland NZ


  • Workshops & Shows: Storytelling, Writing & Drama
    Celebrate your creativity and enjoy your individual & community stories
    Arts Projects, Artist Residencies, Special Events
    Custom designed programs for early childhood centres, schools, community groups, environmental and adventure programs, corporate groups

Writers Roadshow- Young Writers Project for Eurobodalla Braidwood Learning Community


  • Community Education Programs: Strength Based
    Celebrate the unique cultures of your family and community, and build strong, positive connections through storytelling and creative play
    Focus on early intervention, communication, relaxation and literacy
    Custom designed workshops for parent and community groups

Family Storytelling Workshop - Parramatta Heritage Centre


  • Professional Learning: Creative Thinking, Storytelling as a Communication Tool, Storytelling and Creative Play
    Enrich and deepen your professional practice with a fun, practical workshop specially designed for your needs
    Curriculum linked programs for Certificate and Diploma education training
    Custom designed motivational talks for public speaking and conferences

Storytelling Together - Creative Tools for Reading, Writing & Telling Stories


  • Facilitation for Retreats: Creative Journeys, Reflective Practice and Relaxation for Stress Management           Give yourself the gift of time out to be in a space where you can tune in to yourself and listen to your heart
    Custom designed programs integrating storytelling, music, art, visualisation and meditation in natural environments

Anna Plays the Magical Story Harp - close your eyes and visualise


  • Entertainment for Festivals:
    Enrich your festival program with storytelling and music programs from the heart
    Custom designed programs and creative collaborations for community celebration, inspiration and pure fun

Festival Show - Once Upon A Song Nursery Rhymes and Stories




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