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Anna Jarrett, Australian Professional Storyteller and Story Consultant

Anna Jarrett, Australian Professional Storyteller and Story Consultant

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Anna Jarrett is an internationally acclaimed professional storyteller, Australian children's storyteller, writer, musician, teacher and consultant. With 25 years experience, and a passion for storytelling, travel and adventure, Anna designs and presents a diversity of creative story workshops and performances in communities across Australia and overseas.

Anna’s eclectic approach and deep understanding of story, is inspired by her world travels, and a deep personal connection to her home by the sea. Ms Jarrett’s traditional and original tales have been enjoyed by audiences of ABC’s Radio National as well as on television shows across the USA. Her magical telling has been featured at major festivals including: Australian National Festival of Storytelling, Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Kimberley Writers' Festival and Singapore International Storytelling Festival.

As a contemporary storyteller, much of Anna’s work is designing and facilitating custom designed projects, using a strengths based, solution focused approach. Recent projects include Education Dreaming, an oral history book publishing project with Aboriginal women and Albury Stories, a storytelling intensive training for staff and friends of Albury Museum. Anna also frequently tours to outback NSW, storytelling with children and families who are living in remote towns.

At the heart of Anna’s creative story work is the belief that everyone has a story to tell, a voice to sing and an ability to play. Anna’s creative workshops have helped thousands of people around Australia to share their stories as part of events such as Seniors Week, Children’s Week, International Women's Day and History Week.

Anna’s greatest joy is to create places and spaces where people are gathered together to tell and to write their stories, to listen to traditional tales, to create new stories and to celebrate the richness of our storied lives.


Anna Jarrett at Eurofest  Write Around the Murray Festival Launch Lullaby & Goodnight Project

Anna Jarrett at Eurofest                                          Write Around the Murray Festival Launch
                                                                                             Lullaby & Goodnight Project



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