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Winter 2011

Issue 10


Winter is a perfect time for having long sleeps and letting stories speak through your dreams. Itís also a great time for reflection and writing. This year my winter was turned upside down with a 3 week visit to US (where itís summer!). Great to have a family holiday, though it takes awhile to tune back into the Aussie seasonal rhythms. With spring around the corner, Iím moving into a busy time of projects & study. 


Bookweek Tour

Iím excited to be doing a Bookweek tour to Dubbo, Forbes & Parkes, with shows for children and workshops for people working with children as educators and carers ~ see more info


Writers Roadshow - Young Writers Project
Iím also really proud to be part of the Writers Roadshow project, now in its fourth year. It started in 2007 as a home grown project which came into vision when I was chatting with my daughterís school principal about cultural arts programs. Since then, it has evolved into a strong partnership with the 13 schools in the Eurobodalla Braidwood Learning Community on the south coast of NSW. The students produce some wonderful works in their dedicated day of writing, and this year weíll be celebrating this writing by working with an illustrator and publishing a book. See more about the Writers Roadshow 



Oral History
I have just finished recording a fascinating with Bob Tingey, a geologist who has contributed significant scientific research during his lifetime of work in Antarctica. In his later life, Bob was diagnosed with Parkinsonísí Disease and unable to continue his professional work. Our conversations were recorded over the course of a year, at the nursing home where he now lives. Itís always an honour to record peopleís stories & Bobí story is exceptional!


Outdoor Recreation
Iíve almost finished studies for my Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation. While I have worked in this industry for the last few years, doing this course maps a new life path, balancing my two passions of storytelling and being outdoors with kids. There are lots of opportunities for storytelling in outdoors programs. Im looking forward to writing and learning new stories which work in programs in the bush, under the stars, around a campfire, on the river..mmmm 
Stay tuned!



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