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Spring 2015

Issue 15


Iím excited to be back with a full load of story projects and programs, having spent the last 2 years studying my Diploma Education (Secondary Ė English & Drama). The Dip Ed has given me a new framework for my creative education work as well as insights into where my storytelling programs fit into community and educational cultures, both locally and further afield. Iím feeling an intense renewal of energy in my creative work and am inspired to be talking about and collaborating on many different ways to work with story. Puppets, story circles, campfire programs, magic fairy walks, book making and environmental education are some of the ways which Iím currently enjoying working with story.


Children & Family Programs
Itís been a busy year for presenting training and storytelling programs to Mobile Childrenís Services in rural and remote communities. this year Iíve visited Lithgow, Walgett, Tumbarumba and Utopia in the Central Desert. Iím loving creating ways for storytelling to be woven throughout the mobile programs, weaving story in many ways through Music Time, Art Time, Free Play Time and Story Time. In some programs, these are all integrated and the children make and share their own stories using dress ups, puppets, music, story boxes, playdough, a giant group painting and many other ways. Iím loving opening up spaces for storytelling and encouraging young children to explore their ideas and to express them with confidence.



I was privileged to be invited to be a Childrenís Project Officer for the mobile play and learn sessions in 3 Utopia homeland communities (NT Central Desert). Running my own playgroup everyday for 2 months in a cross cultural context, in the heart of the community, has taught me so much about working within specific contexts and being open to programming which is totally flexible and organic. Iím loving learning more about giving children total autonomy in their play, and using top quality resources to inspire them to explore new worlds and ideas as well as to express their own cultural experiences.



Book Projects in Schools
Iíve been contracted by National Parks & Wildlife Service to work with Shoalhaven schools to write a picture book which tells the story of our endangered shorebirds. I have been working for the last 3 years on shorebirds education as part of my Discovery Ranger work, and this is an exciting evolution of that. Itís part of a big community education project which will also involve mural making and summer holiday programs. Our book will be launched next year on World Environment Day, so stay tuned for updates.



Creative Collaborations Ė Bohemian Fairy Tales Puppet Show
I am enjoying working with Czech puppeteer, Lenka Muchova, on a series of Bohemian Fairy Tales. Lenka grew up with the tradition of both fairy tales and puppetry, and sheís teaching me much about the Czech traditions. Iím loving getting to know all the puppets that she makes, and finding the words and the music to help transport our audiences to the magical Bohemian Forest. Our most recent show at Eurofest played to a large audience and received rave reviews. We look forward to doing more festival shows.





Children & Nature Initiatives Ė Kids Camp
Iím honoured to be part of a collaborative team which designs & presents Kids camps on the Deua River, South Coast. We held our fourth camp this spring and it was a magical day in the bush: campfire cooking, bushwalking, river crossing, cubby building, storytelling, tribal face painting, singing and free time to explore the bush playground. This is a very special place and my favourite outdoor program of all the ones Iíve been working for. We look forward to continuing to grow it together, and to providing a safe, magical bush adventure for children and their families.


Story Dreaming 2016
Iíve renamed my business Story Dreaming, as it resonates for my way of working with story 25 years on! Iím envisioning a combination of travel and work in rural communities around Australia as well as an international tour (hopefully India for a storytelling festival!). Iím working with numerous communities on creative ways to celebrate stories in their community including Story Tents, a storytelling residency & festival and banner making. Iím also looking forward to more book making projects which celebrate community stories.
I look forward to the possibility of working with you and your community.
Watch this space!




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