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Issue 4

December  2008

The Year in Brief

Wow, what a wonderful year for storytelling. So many new projects, new shows, new stories. Itís been moving so fast and Iím loving being in a totally creative space. Thereís a strong demand for storytelling in communities and Iím enjoying adapting my work to whatever different communities may need. Iím moving deeper into my own understanding of how stories and storytelling strengthen families and communities. The work which is coming my way has a powerful depth to it and Iím learning so much everyday about the power of storytelling to create wellbeing, to raise our spirits, to bring us together to celebrate and to share our stories.


Highlights for 2008

There have been so many inspiring moments this year. Some of the highlights were:


Iíd like to say a big thank you to all the artists and educators who Iíve collaborated with this year. Itís both enlightening and fun to work with new people and to find the connecting points in our creative work. Thankyou  Jill Johnson (Child Protection Week  Positive Parenting workshop), Harry Laing (Writers Roadshow project), Desiree Sheldrake (Harmony Day show) and Ann Lehmann (Once Upon A Song).



Tracey Needham, Anna Jarrett & Jill Johnson                                Anna Jarrett & Harry Laing Writers Roadshow
Child Protection Week



      Anna Jarrett & Desiree Sheldrake Harmony Day                    Anna Jarrett & Ann Lehmann Once upon A Song


Future Directions

2009 will take on a different rhythm as Iíll be studying my Diploma of Education (primary) full time, one year. Of course, Iíll do whatever storytelling work I can around the intense study & prac schedule. Iím looking forward to developing more new programs with curriculum connections, and to formally strengthening the educational side of my storytelling.


Thank you all for your shared passion for storytelling and your dedication to working with stories to build  a better world together.





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