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Issue 5

November  2009

The Year in Brief

Wow, what an interesting year itís been Ė full of changes and little twists of fate, adventures outback to the Kimberleys in Western Australia and overseas to Singapore. Nothing has really gone to plan but Iím excited that this year Iíve done some of my best storytelling work ever, integrating my twenty plus years of an eclectic approach to storytelling workshops and shows. 


Iím still celebrating the honour which I felt to be invited as a featured teller at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival 
It feels great to be back on the international stage, sharing stories with old friends and making many new friends across the globe.

Jeeva, Anna & Ai Lin at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival

My overseas travels continue next March when I go on a storytelling tour in New Zealand. Iím delighted that the Southlands Branch of the New Zealand Reading Association has decided to bring me back to Invercargill (on the southern tip of the South Island). Iím looking forward to presenting a week of programs in town and then travelling to wherever else the bookings may take me Ė north & south!

Anna J brings the ocean into the room at the Glistening Waters 

International Storytelling Festival, New Zealand


I have been seriously reconsidering my journey back to studying primary education at university. A combination of health and personal challenges have led me to put this on the back burner for awhile, and to put all my energies back into working and teaching creatively, as well as being an advocate for the power of creative arts and storytelling. Iím concerned by how low a priority creative arts is given in the school curriculum. Thereís a strong role for storytellers and artists to play as visiting presenters and project facilitators in schools. 

Iím enjoying playing that role with our very successful Writiers Roadshow Project. Itís great to be working with students who are hungry to write, have a passionate voice and enjoy the freedom of being given the opportunity to have their say in their own way. Weíre all hoping to get the grant which will pay for a Writers Camp. Two glorious days of pure writing, talking, illustrating and learning about the art of writing. Mmm. 

Anna Jarrett & Harry Laing, writer facilitators for Writers Roadshow


Itís been a great year for folk festivals and the celebration of our Once Upon A Song show. I love these folk festival weekends when I get to enjoy pure play, dressing up, being silly, singing with a back up band, and travelling to the magical place called Once Upon A Land. We enjoyed shows at the National, Cobargo, Illawarra and at a new festival, Snowies Mountains of Music. Iím glad we made the circuit, as 2010 may be a little quieter now that Ann, my fellow Once Upon A Lander, has just had a baby girl.

Anna Jarrett & Ann Lehmann of Once Upon A Song

Wishing you all a wonderful summer full of stories (southern folk) and a warm winter with stories around the fire (northern folk).
I look forward to seeing you in my travels. Happy stories!




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