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Issue 7

September  2010


NEW ZEALAND TOUR March 8-22, 2010

This was my third visit to NZ and what a wonderful tour it was. I was initially invited by storyteller Liz Miller of Invercargill, to visit the Southland. Liz and the NZ Reading Association (Southlands) received funding to bring me and an American storyteller, Micheal Parent, all the way to Invercargill for a week of storytelling. It was a total honour to be in the company of veteran storytellers Liz & Micheal, as well as to be visiting my new Invercargill story friends. I love this community, though the winds blow strong & the mornings can be icey, the hearts of the folk are warm and storytelling is alive & well here. It was great to meet a cross section of the community, to sew the seeds for a lifelong love of stories with school students, and to nurture the budding storytellers who came along to the workshops. Thank you Liz & the NZRA crew for hosting me!

Heading north from Southlands, I enjoyed touring some of the divine countryside and making my way up to Christchurch where I visited a few more storytellers and learned more about living & storytelling in NZ. This was a quick visit on my way to Auckland. Kay Miller, NZ Storytelling Guild’s President, invited me to stay with her, and to present some shows and workshops in her region. I was very excited to present a workshop with 20 children’s librarians from Manakau Libraries, and to watch them dance out the door full of stories and ready to tell them. I love having the opportunity to spend a whole day with storytellers, and this was made possible with the Thames Story Circle. A small, dedicated group, the Thames mob share a passion for stories and writing tales in many different styles. I really enjoyed sharing my insights to storytelling and hearing so many wonderful tales from the participants. Thank you Kay for organizing this work.

I hope to return to New Zealand some time soon.


professional storyteller Anna Jarret in New Zealand

Storytelling friends, Liz Miller (NZ), Micheal Parent (USA) & me


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