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This year has been one of constant change and doing new things. My husband, Len, and I have been restless as weíve been considering living options, to be closer to Lenís Mum who moved into assisted living (aged care) this year in New York. Iím pleased to say that weíre staying in Oz for now, and going to keep our home studios for storytelling & video production. Iím also branching out into an old passion of mine, outdoor recreation/education. Iím enrolled in an e-learning Certificate IV course, so I can study and continue my storytelling work/travels while learning about leading groups in canoeing, bushwalking and guiding outdoor adventures.

New Show - Bohemian Fairy Tales
Iím delighted to have dived into new fresh waters, creating the Bohemian Fairy Tales puppet show with Czech puppeteer, Lenka Muchova. Itís magic working with traditional marionettes, and telling stories from the enchanted Bohemian Forest. We received a seed Grant from the Czech Consulate in Sydney, and launched the show at the Indian Festival of lIghts, Diwali, in Parramatta, Sydney. What an amazing event! 
Weíre looking forward to doing some more festivals next year and Iím looking for a grant which will give me the opportunity to visit the Bohemian Forest, and explore the Grandmotherís Trail. This trail follows the story of Bozena Nemcova who collected hundreds of wonderful Czech fairy tales. Her work is equivalent to the German Brothers Grimm and the French Perrault.

Puppet Theatre
                        AJ in puppet theatre

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Once Upon A Song - Back by Popular Demand!
Itís been 5 years and many folk festivals later since Ann Lehmann and I launched our CD & show, ďOnce Upon A SongĒ, especially for young children and their families. Weíre excited to be returning to the Illawarra Folk Festival Jan 15-16, 2011.  ~ visit website ~
This year, weíll be telling some musical stories from around the world, back by our Once Upon a Song band (with some very talented local musos). Thereíll be a special guest appearance by Minna, Annís one year old daughter. My daughter Jasmine will also be there, though now that sheís almost 9, she prefers to stay offstage & just watch!
Come join us in a fun filled, interactive & superbly silly show.

Kid's CD Once Upon A Song

                     Anna Jarrett & Ann Lehmann


Oral History Commission - Tales from the Antarctic
Every year or so, I enjoy being commissioned for an oral history project. This one has been an exceptional experience! Interviewing Bob Tingey, geologist & Antarctic traveller, has been an amazing journey into one manís contributions to scientific research as well as into one manís later life, living with Parkinsons. Iím really enjoying immersing myself in images & stories of Antarctic adventures, while developing new ways to approach oral history recording. Bobís speech and memory are impaired by the Parkinsons disease and he now lives in critical care in a nursing home. It has been an honour to spend time with him in his room, drawing out his stories and celebrating his contributions to our constantly evolving knowledge of Antarctica. Iíll write more about this soon. Stay tuned!

I wish you all the best for the holidays. Hereís cheers for a relaxing summer in the southern hemisphere and a mild, cosy winter in the northern hemisphere.

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