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I recently had the delight of telling a story as part of the Steiner Spring Festival in the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens. The story I chose, Four Words, was written by Dorothy Harrer about a little seed child growing into a beautiful violet with the help of the gnomes and the fairies.  As you enjoy celebrating spring with your children and families, I hope that you find some magical stories, like Four Words, which capture the essence and joy of spring.

When we share stories, we connect with each other, and we take a little time out to make magical moments. I知 often asked how long it takes me to learn a story. Every story is different, but it usually takes a few weeks to have a story ready to tell. When I知 learning new stories, I spend a few weeks dreaming about the story and finding the essence of the story, embodying it and making it part of my own inner world.

For days, I dreamed of Little Seed meeting the friendly Gnome, the Water Fairy, the Air Fairy and the Sun Fairy. Making props to help tell the story involved a leap of faith and imagination, as I thought about ways to suggest the meaning of the words without distracting from the words and the telling of the story. What a joy it is to discover that a simple coloured cloth on my hand, waving in the wind, can become a fairy and a simple piece of unspun wool can become a flower.

When telling the story, there needs to be a relationship between the storyteller, the props and the story. This way, the telling can flow easily through the natural rhythm and breath of the story. The use of props made from natural materials is part of the story magic, as each of these props embodies the energy of its source: cotton from the cotton plant, wool and felt from the sheep, wood from the trees. The shining sun and the fresh spring air help blow life into these props and into the story. As I tell the story, my role is to help bring all these energies together and to hold the magic of the moments within the story.

Finally, every story needs a little song or music. The song 的 Want You to Grow and Be Beautiful is one that my daughter, Jasmine, and I created when we were planting our first spring garden a few years ago. I encourage you all to create songs with your children and enjoy the ideas and sounds which flow easily from the natural child, one who is totally connected with Mother Earth and all her creations.

I wish you all a magical spring and hope that you enjoy the fresh energy and creativity which spring brings us. Happy stories!

Anna Jarrett is a professional storyteller, musician and writer who lives on the south coast of NSW. She enjoys sharing her passion for stories by presenting shows and workshops in communities around Australia and the United States.


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